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New York

Chinos are trending in New York City. Brighter colors are popular in Brooklyn among 25-34 year old men who are edgy, independent, coffee drinkers. Khaki and navy chinos are trending in the Upper East Side of Manhattan among 35-44 year-old men who care about work, sports and their families.

Los Angeles

Sports cars are trending in Los Angeles. Convertibles are trending among affluent men and women in Malibu ages 35-54 who care about exercise, their image and the outdoors. Coupes are trending in Santa Monica among working professionals ages 25-44 who consider themselves cool and in-the-know.

Rio De Janeiro

Tourism is trending in Rio de Janeiro. Copacabana Beach is teeming with male sports fans ages 25-44 who prep for the World Cup by playing beach soccer and volleyball. Sugar Loaf Mountain is trending among seasoned city locals and adventurous tourists alike, ages 18-44.


Lipstick glosses are trending in Paris. Nude and sheer pastel lip colors are trending the classy and conservative 8th arrondissement with 35-64 year old women. Vivid, bold lip colors are all the rage in Le Marais among 18-34 year old women who are hip and edgy.

Hong Kong

Electronics are trending in Hong Kong. 3D printers and smartphones are the rage in Central among posh, white-collar professionals ages 35-44. Camcorders and hand-held recording devices are trending in Tsim Sha Tsui, a major tourist hub.